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deepak2.jpgDeepak Chopra, author of Buddha: a story of enlightenment
A Voluptuous God speaks not only to Christians seeking a deeper Christianity but to all who search for deeper spiritual meaning. Here is a book that speaks to the questions of the mind and the hunger of the spirit. Reverend Bob Thompson reminds us that Divine truth lives at the core of human experience if only we will awaken to it.

palmer2.jpgParker J. Palmer, author of A Hidden Wholeness, Let Your Life Speak, and The Courage to Teach
Here is an important book for Christians like me who are offended and angered by the way the word “Christian” has been high-jacked by some of its most mean-spirited, small-minded, cynical and/or manipulative representatives. This book is so open to all the ways God is at work in the world, so rooted in the author’s own profound faith journey, and so grounded in his life as a parish minister, that it can help us reclaim both the name and the substance of a faith tradition that, rightly understood, has ultimate meaning and deep healing to offer a wounded and often hopeless world. I have only one quibble with A Voluptuous God: A Christian Heretic Speaks, and that is with its subtitle. The real heretics are those who shrink Christian faith down to something no more life-giving or generous than their own fears and political agendas. Bob Thompson and his kin are among the saints.

borysenko2.jpgJoan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin, authors of Your Soul’s Compass: What is Spiritual Guidance?, and A Woman’s Journey to God
Reverend Bob Thompson has prepared an interspiritual feast to nourish our souls. The insights and stories that he shares speak to the deepest questions and longings of the human heart. What is God, how do we relate to such ineffable Mystery, and how–when all the dogma of religious difference is peeled away–do we finally realize that we are all travelers on the same journey.

mirabai2.jpgMirabai Starr, author of Teresa of Avila: Book of My Life and Interior Castle, new translations of Christian spiritual classics
Like an inspired sermon, an ecstatic love poem, or a great joke, A Voluptuous God engages the mind, embraces the heart and shakes us free of our complacent relationship to the Divine. It celebrates the deepest questions and challenges the easy answers. I laughed out loud as I read this conversational book. My eyes filled with tears. I nodded in recognition and shook my head in wonderment. It is not necessary to be a Christian or even a believer to find deep wisdom, hope and practical tools for awakening in these pages. Bob Thompson, who has made it a point to cultivate direct personal encounters with all the world’s great spiritual traditions, has the rare gift of including everyone at the table.

Published in September 2007 by CopperHouse, an imprint of Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
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