Bill Glenn

A licensed psychotherapist, William D. Glenn has worked in education, mental health, prison and AIDS ministries for the past twenty years, and has provided leadership on the boards of several San Francisco Bay Area and national organizations. His primary interest is in the common locus of spirituality and psychology and how they inform the movement toward justice in contemporary culture.

William D. Glenn received his Masters in Divinity from the Pacific School of Religion, and is the recipient of its Paul Wesley Yinger Award for distinguished preaching. For many years, he was the convener and leader of Spirit Group, a small faith community emphasizing the development of its members’ interiority.

Glenn was a member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) for nine years, and has been working with individuals and communities in the development of their spiritual lives since 1974. He has spoken widely on aspects of the spiritual life.

Glenn has written extensively, and been published in White Crane, Review for Religious, America, and has chapters in two recently published books, including Neither Do I: A Meditation on Scapegoating, and Four Flights. His reflection on growing up gay and Catholic, As God Intended, is used in the curriculum of many universities, high schools and parishes.

Glenn is a pledging member of Lake Street Church, Evanston, Illinois, and Church of the Incarnation (Episcopal) in Santa Rosa CA where he lives with his partner, Scott Hafner. They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary.

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