Table of Contents for A Voluptuous God: A Christian Heretic Speaks by Robert V. Thompson

Table of Contents

I. God: The Answer is the Question
Chapter 1: For a Good Time, Call God
Chapter 2: What is the Soul?
Chapter 3: Soul Liberty
Chapter 4: Finding God by Subtraction
Chapter 5: Do You Believe in Divine Intervention?
Chapter 6: The Greening of God

II. Be a Christ
Chapter 7: What Christians Have Done to Jesus
Chapter 8: We are Transmitters
Chapter 9: The Cross is Dressed in Interpretative Drag
Chapter 10: When You Sin, Grin
Chapter 11: The Resurrection of Judas Iscariot
Chapter 12: Living Beyond Our Belief System
Chapter 13: They Won’t Arrest You for Divine Intoxication

III. Spiritual Life is Real Life
Chapter 14: God and Caesar — Religion and Politics
Chapter 15: A Greater Patriotism
Chapter 16: The Hospitality of Heaven is a Queer Thing
Chapter 17: Surrender Your Life to Something Greater
Chapter 18: The Devil is Not What You Think
Chapter 19: The Things We Carry Around

IV. This Astonishing Mysterious Moment
Chapter 20: The Spiritual Purpose of our Relationships
Chapter 21: Life is But a Dream
Chapter 22: Every Tomb is a Womb
Chapter 23: From Religious Tribalism to the City of God


This is the Table of Contents for A Voluptuous God: A Christian Heretic Speaks, published in September 2007 by CopperHouse, an imprint of Wood Lake Publishing, Inc.

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