Billie Hinnefeld (Ellie) has had many lifetimes this lifetime, including that of a small town girl married young, who became a not-so-gay divorcee (though pursuit of pleasure was her primary activity). Next came morphing into a criminal defense lawyer, followed by going back to school for a Ph.D. in psychology and then moving to the “big city” ( Washington , DC ) to climb the ladder of corporate America for many years.  She is just at the brink of leaping into yet another incarnation, though she does not have a clear idea of what that will be, only that it will begin with letting go–and waking up each morning to see what comes next.  Though that will always include feeding the birds first thing upon arising, followed by her cat, Tiger’s breakfast. And giving thanks for all the beauty that surrounds her. She finds her greatest joy in losing her self when connecting with that beauty, and then sharing with others through writing and photography, and in dance and movement..

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