As of now, this blog is formally closed and will not be updated.  Before explaining further, let me express my profound gratitude to those who have shared their thoughts here, to Mirabai Starr, Pat Moore, Bill Glenn, and Jim Huffman, and to all of you who have commented on our posts or posted your own thoughts.  This has been a fruitful and delightful conversation, and I thank everyone who has contributed or simply visited and enjoyed the exchange of views.

But all things change, and I have come to realize that it is time to close this circle.  What has been written here will, however, remain on the web for a while, since there is much here that is worthy of rediscovery and there are many who will find thoughtful discourse here as they search the web for answers.  But there will no longer be new material.

I continue to write and post on the Examiner website and look forward to hearing from you there.

Blessed be,

Bob Thompson.