Things have been quiet lately.  I have been quiet lately.  Sometimes I begin to wonder whether or not I am being too quiet, or perhaps have entered a state of apathy.  When I start to think this, I begin to realize that I have entered into a state of detachment.  I am perfectly content just “being”.  And there really is nothing wrong with that.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, I find myself in the place of moving closer and closer to Spirit.  I feel this during my meditation.  I wake up knowing I have just returned from Mystery School, which is a place of spiritual learning I first visited during sleep almost two years ago.  I also am noticing that I am no longer becoming entangled in emotions and work very hard at not getting stuck in my mind.  For me, as for many, these are the two biggest obstacles to maintaining my connection with Spirit.

These new places sometimes catch me unaware.  When I no longer live in the drama and trauma of the Third Dimension, I am freeing myself up to ascend to the Fifth Dimension.  But along with the freedom comes a sense of loss.  Who am I if I am not getting caught up in emotions or thinking obsessively?  How do I define myself now?  How will others experience me as I am manifesting a paradigm shift that they know nothing about?  Especially when those others are family and friends.

One answer that comes to me is that it doesn’t matter.  Nothing matters except God.  To reach God, in my experience, it is imperative that I transcend the realms of emotion and mind.  And by doing this, I go to a place that is truly beyond words.  How can one describe merging with God by using mere words?  There is no way in my experience that something that huge and all transcendent can be distilled into written or spoken words.  And so, I find myself  detached from things of the world, turning more and more inward and becoming more and more quiet.  I stop judging myself as being apathetic and simply allow the Loving to envelop me.  It is ALL God, and God is GOOD.