I recently watched The Moses Code DVD.  This was the second viewing and I found that I resonated quite well with it.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with The Moses Code, the message is quite simple.  God appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush.  Moses asked who was speaking to him.  The answer – “I Am That I AM.”   The Moses Code emphasizes that the answer was truly, “I Am That, I Am”.  The comma being the missing “code” that changes the meaning from being the name of God to a statement that we are all One.

I am not certain I got that the first time, maybe I wasn’t paying attention.  But as I have been cementing myself more firmly into my God-hood or God-ness, I am finding myself resonating with this idea much more.  After all, I believe in the oneness of everything and that we are all Sparks of the Divine so the “I Am That, I Am” statement makes sense to me.  And since it makes sense, I have decided to take it on as a part of who I am.  Or should I say, who I AM.

Even as I write this, I realize that the I AM consciousness is nothing really new and I have been living it for quite a while already.  This confirms for me my belief that we know everything we need to know and our task is to remember.  Maybe that is the reason I felt such a strong resonance with the message of “The Moses Code”.  I was being reminded of that which I already knew but perhaps let slip out of my consciousness for a while.

Things can become slippery when we lose sight of our connection to the Oneness of God.  We become caught up in our emotions and our dualities and tend to forget our Divinity.  We connect with our “stuff” and become caught up in fear.  Then we lose sight of the most important knowing of all  –  the Loving of God.  So, why do things get so slippery?  Why are we unable to hold onto that oneness with God?  Why is it so difficult to remain in that consciousness?  I ask myself these questions repeatedly.  I feel so wonderful when I am experiencing the Loving and the Light of God, yet I still spend more time seeking than experiencing.

The best answer that I am able to manifest is that I am still caught up in my “human experience”.  Yes, I am a very spiriutal being but I am also a human being.  Thankfully, I am a human being very much into the process of awakening into my God-ness, so the lessons come a bit quicker these days.  I am capable of seeing how my emotions and fears and experiences of the third dimension (also known as my “stuff”) are  manifesting to show me how to clear out old patterns and reach ever more toward the place in which God and I co-exist.  This is the place where God and I meet and where I can truly see that I AM THAT, I AM!