It seems that lately many people I know are living in fear.  Mostly they are in fear about the future, particularly their economic future.  Right now, I seem to be one of the few people in my “crowd” that is not worried.  Maybe I should be, but I truly do not think it is necessary.  Fear is a consciousness that one chooses into, or not.  In truth, fear is a spiritual lesson.

In my experience, there really only is love or fear.  We  fear what may happen to us in the future or fear that something from our past may be haunting us.  This consciousness interferes with being in the present moment.   The present moment is really all we have.  We are unable to return to the past to change or redo anything we might regret.  And we do not really know how much future remains.  Worrying about either totally drains our energy and keeps us from enjoying life as it exists for us in the “here and now”.  This process seems to move us away from our connection with God and Divine Love.

How, then, can fear be spiritual?  It would seem that I am saying if we are in the fear consciousness, we have distanced ourselves from the spiritual consciousness.  Fear is an emotion.  When we feel the energy of fear, it usually is not a pleasant sensation.  Something feels off or wrong.  This means that fear is also a signal telling us that something is amiss.  Fear is telling us that we are drifting away from our spiritual centers.  We are choosing to turn away from love.  If we are open spiritually, we are capable of listening to this signal or warning sign that our spiritual anchors are loosening.  So, while being in a place of fear is not particularly desirable, if it serves the purpose of redirecting us back to spirit, then it most definitely serves a spiritual purpose.

From that realization, we can now see that events happening in the outer world that are causing us to react in fear are actually serving a higher purpose.  Although it may seem that our “world” is crumbling around us (particularly economically), it is all an illusion – nothing in the physical world is real  The only reality is our oneness with God and it is Fear that can serve as the catalyst for our moving back to Spirit and our innate connection with our spiritual selves.