I have been wondering lately how people get “stuck” in their lives. I used to be stuck in the sense that I hated my job but did not feel capable of finding another. A little over two years ago, I realized that I was keeping myself in a box. My box looked like this: I started in an entry level position, moved up because I was capable of doing much more than entry level work, found that the place I was working was not nurturing to me, stayed where I was because I did not believe I could do any better. I attributed this pattern to the fact that I never pursued or nurtured a career. I married while still in college, worked a short time until my oldest daughter was born, and stayed at home raising my three daughters until I was divorced at age forty. It was a convenient excuse!

My “awakening” about how I keep myself stuck coincided with my realization that the most important thing to me was my connection with God. I began to realize how the job I was hanging onto from a place of fear was not compatible with nurturing my connection with God. My job sucked the life out of me. It left me exhausted and from that place of exhaustion, I found it easy to allow God to slip into the background. As I was becoming more in touch with myself as a Spiritual Being, I found that I was unable to tolerate being in a space where I was not keeping God in the forefront of all I do.

Without going into a lot of details, let me say that I am no longer stuck. I have been able to create a life now where God comes first – I can meditate and feel connected to God as much as I want, I feel happy and sometimes even blissful, I feel free and completely alive. I have been able to manifest this simply by trusting that all I need is God. My spiritual teachers use the phrase, “God first and God only” and I am a believer. I found that from the place of God first – or nothing is more important in my life than my connection with God – everything else falls into place. This meant I had to trust that I would be supported by the Universe as I stepped out of my box into the unknown. That seemed like a lot to ask from a person who was brought up in the energy of fear but the call of God and the Love of God turned out to be far greater than the energy of fear.

It really is easy but I believe we tend to make it hard. We make it hard until we realize that the essence of our choice comes down to Love or Fear. When we choose to stand in Love we are choosing God. When we choose to remain in Fear, we are choosing to stay in our boxes. My words to all who feel stuck is to trust the Universe, choose Love and God and from this place, everything else will be as it should. Namaste!