As noted in a previous post, I fell down about half a flight of stairs in my townhouse last July. The immediate consequence was a concussion and fractured collarbone. I am mostly healed from the physical effects of the fall but there appear to be some long term and possibly permanent changes in my life as a result of the head injury. I noticed right away that the veil between my physical and spiritual selves seemed to have disintegrated. This has been pretty positive because I feel much more connected to what I refer to as my “God place”, which is the place where I feel my soul connects with the great “I AM” – the light and love of God. It feels as though I am constantly aware of the connection. Connecting with God seems effortless and constant. Woo Hoo! I like this feeling because for me, everything emanates from my connection with God. In God, everything is perfect and my life falls into place.

I began to notice something else shortly after my fall. I found myself becoming more open to things I did not really believe in the past. I am specifically referring to “channeled” messages. I used to be quite skeptical of psychic readings, tarot readings, and people who claimed they channeled spirit guides or angels. A little over a week after my fall, a friend forwarded an email pointing me in the direction of Archangel Uriel and a channel about the energies of 8/8/08. I decided to listen and found myself resonating with the message. I resonate with Archangel Uriel’s messages so much that I continue to listen and actually traveled three hours (each way) recently to attend a three hour class and obtain a personal reading from the woman that channels Uriel. This is something totally unlike the old me!

I found that some of my reading confirmed things I have already realized by tuning into my own intuition. Some things were new information for me too. Prior to the Uriel reading I had opened up to allowing myself a few sessions with other psychics and the information from all seems pretty consistent – confirmation mixed with some new information. One interesting thing that came out of my Uriel reading pertains to my head injury. I was told that I am to share that suffering a head injury is not necessarily a “bad” thing. There can be a spiritual component to traumatic brain injury (the technical term).

And, of course, on one level, this is a “no brainer” (pardon the pun). When one is tapped into the spiritual realm, everything that happens can be interpreted spiritually – as part of traveling one’s spiritual path, part of the human lives we spiritual beings incarnated to experience. But I choose go a bit deeper and look beyond the surface. I look at my own personal experience of having connected much more intensely with God as a result of hitting my head on the hardwood floor at the bottom of my staircase. Would I have gotten here eventually? Probably, but it might have taken a lot longer and it might have felt a lot different. Has it been an inconvenience? Most definitely – in addition to the spiritual component I also experienced emotional, physical, and cognitive consequences. I was dizzy and disoriented for a while, I cry much more easily, and I have problems with my short term memory. The physical effects are much less noticeable but I still deal with the cognitive and emotional issues.

Am I sorry it happened? I cannot really answer that question because by now my TBI has become part of who I am and I am happy with who I am and where I am at. I feel as though my fall was a fork in the road and I chose this particular road that led me to God in this particular manner. I know other roads lead to God -but this is the road I took and cannot turn back. So, I guess it is what it is and it is my task to accept what is, move on, and share my journey. And from where I am on this journey, I want to offer that suffering a TBI is not necessarily a horrible thing and can have a positive outcome. Namaste!